The Endless Cocktail Hour

Michael Jackson, I see now, never had a chance.

He was a walking vessel of prescription drugs so powerful and of such a wide variety, that I'm amazed that he lived as long as he did.

Pop star Jackson, who slipped into death in late June at age 50, officially died as a result of homicide, according to a source close to the Los Angeles County coroner.

The straw that broke the camel's back, according to reports, was the powerful anesthetic propofol, which was administered to Jackson in lethal doses.

Jackson couldn't sleep. So he had his doctor, Conrad Murray, fill him with a volatile cocktail that included propofol and other sedatives.

The list of drugs connected with Jackson reads like a pharmaceutical journal. It makes Elvis Presley look like a popper of Flintstones vitamins.

Clonazepam, Lorazepam, Tamsulosin, Temazepam, Tizanidine, Trazodone and Valium.

Except for Valium, I have no idea what these drugs do, but there's a lot of them and many of them have the "pam" suffix, which even I know typically means a sedative.

Regular people swallow a couple of OTC tablets or a couple teaspoons of NyQuil if they have trouble sleeping. Others take meds prescribed by their doctor.

Jackson was taking propofol to sleep, which is like using a bazooka to kill a housefly.

Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson's doctor and someone who might be in a heap of trouble

In case you missed it in the fourth paragraph, propofol is an anesthetic, not a sleeping medication. Oh, it will put you out, alright, but out as in "coma".

Jackson was a frequent doctor shopper, moving from one to another until he got what he wanted prescribed for him. It was going on for years, and apparently was all a big family secret.

The problem, of course, doesn't end with Jackson's death. Hollywood is filled with doctors who, whether from being starstruck or from being just plain old greedy and derelict, will give their "patients" pretty much whatever it is that they want.

I placed patients in quotation marks because they're not likely to have any sort of long-term relationship with these docs.

It's running rampant, this powerful-meds-by-demand thing that's coursing through Tinsel Town like blood through veins.

Doubtless several more stars will die because of it.

Jackson was so doped up, and probably for so long, that it might explain some of his erratic behavior.

Michael would be placed into coma-like states, on his orders. He would literally be administered an IV that would drip-drip the anesthetic into him. Then, at the designated time, the drip would stop and Michael would wake up.

Then, he no doubt would take more drugs to speed up and accentuate the waking up process and prolong the "awake state." Until it was time to "go to bed" again, when he'd be stuck with another needle.

This is mind-boggling, and just plain weird.

Yet dozens in his inner circle let it all happen, right under their nose.

Maybe they were afraid of being cast out. Jackson, in his prime, was one of the most powerful people in show business. Best not to piss off those kinds of folks.

Jackson wasn't a man. He wasn't a human being. He was a chemistry experiment.

When I first heard of the death of Michael Jackson, I thought of how young it was to go, at age 50.

The more I find out about it, I think of how amazing it is that he lived to be as old as 50.



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