Pot Disses Kettle

If George W. Bush thinks you're a nitwit, then what must that mean for you?

If the Republican party picks someone as a VP candidate that the sitting president of its own party finds laughable, then what does that say about the GOP?

Bush, it turns out, had some serious reservations about Sarah Palin's candidacy for vice president, as he learned about it last summer---according to sourced information that was recently released.

"Who is she, the Governor of Guam?," Bush was quoted as saying derisively as White House aides looked on, stunned.

"I might have met her once or twice before," the president said.

After joking, Bush then expressed sincere concern.

"This woman is being thrust into a position that she's not ready or prepared for," he said, according to the source. "Let's see her and her family after five days."


John McCain certainly doesn't have to run his VP choice by the sitting president for approval, but the comments by Bush underline the rapidity and perhaps recklessness by which Palin was chosen for the ticket, for Bush's words indicate that he wasn't exactly well-prepped for the news.

One day we're going to find out just what McCain was thinking.

John McCain didn't select Sarah Palin---he unleashed her on an unsuspecting country.

She's a pretty, photogenic woman, and I'm sure she's very nice, but she wasn't anywhere near being ready to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. And there's no revisionist historian good enough to convince anyone otherwise.

I can't wait for McCain's memoirs. I only hope he gets to writing them while he can still remember.

Yeah---an old man joke. Guilty as charged.

Another old man joke is Bush, and it's so funny that a man of his intellect felt free enough to take a jab at Palin's resume.

But that's the GOP for you---a party so dysfunctional, it makes the Gosselins look like Ward and June Cleaver.

This is getting old for me, because I'm finding myself saying it over and over again. But when the square peg is being forced into the round hole, you don't blame the peg.

Don't anyone dare blame Sarah Palin for her unleashing. In a perfect world, she would have politely declined McCain's offer, telling him that she's not qualified but thank you for the thought.

But that's a lot to ask of someone with aspirations. How many times do you get asked to be vice president?

It's a twist on the old joke.

McCain wanted the female vote in the worst way. And that's exactly what he did.

George W. Bush, no less, thought Sarah Palin was a poor, inept choice.

How'd you like THAT on your resume?


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