Sorry Charlie

If I was Charlie Sheen, and I was allowed to start making phone calls again, I'd place one to Robert Downey, Jr.

The actor Sheen is in trouble again. With a girl, again. And this time it's a tad serious. Charlie was arrested on Christmas Day due to a domestic disturbance, and there are reports that a knife was involved.

The alleged victim is thought to be Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, though that's not been confirmed.

The star of the hit CBS television sitcom "Two and a Half Men" was arrested Friday in the ski resort of Aspen, Colorado, on suspicion of second-degree assault and menacing---both felony offenses---and a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief.

The celebrity gossip website is reporting that Mueller was drunk at the time, and that she initially had told police that Sheen threatened her with a knife but later recanted much of her story.

Knife or no knife, Sheen has been one of those "Hollywood bad boys" for too long now. His romps with girls who are not his significant other are part of his lore.

I mention Downey because, even though Robert's troubles were with drugs and alcohol, he nonetheless overcame them and got his life---and his career---back on track. Downey narrowly avoided becoming yet another cautionary tale in the entertainment industry. Now he's making one successful movie after the other, and he's wearing more than just orange jumpsuits.

Sheen is marvelously talented, too, though he basically plays himself in "Two and a Half Men"---a womanizing guy named, um, Charlie. But that's a bad example of his acting skills. I've always found Charlie Sheen to be the most talented of Martin Sheen's sons, by far. To some, that may not be saying much, but Emilio Estevez has had his moments.

If I was Charlie Sheen, I'd give Downey a call and ask him how he was able to pull himself out of the abyss and get the ship turned around. For no one had one foot in the career grave as far as Robert Downey Jr. had it at times in his life. Not even close. Downey was one crack pipe toke away from complete oblivion.

Sheen was released from jail Friday night on $8,500 bail. A decision about charges is unlikely to be made before February 8, when Sheen is due back in court in Aspen.

Sheen, 44, and Mueller, 32, married in May 2008 and had twin sons in April 2009.

There are precious few stories of triumph in Hollywood---the kind that involve personal rectifying. Sheen has a chance to be one of those, if he has it in him.


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