The Scoundrel Jesse James

Anyone named Jesse James is destined to be a rat sooner or later, right?

James, the soon-to-be ex-husband of actress Sandra Bullock, has a notorious namesake, of course---the outlaw Jesse James who was a menace to society in the 1870s and until his killing in 1882.

Today's James just might land on the public's 10 Most Wanted list, because no one cheats on America's sweetheart and gets away with it.

That's how Bullock is sometimes billed, and with good reason. We don't have too many great American actresses anymore. But Bullock and Reese Witherspoon, though there's an age gap there, are sweetie pies of the big screen.

I feel bad for Sandy. News of husband Jesse's apparent infidelity has come on the heels of the greatest year of her acting career. She was sky high, then this.

The word is that she's back in California, having flown from a home in Texas, to confront her dirty rotten scoundrel husband.

Divorce is imminent, sources say.

The details are bound to get worse, as they almost always do. Rare is the one-time philanderer; where there's smoke, there's fire, and where there's fire, there's usually a few others smoldering, too.

James wasn't a bad boy just once. He has humiliated Sandy on numerous occasions, according to the buzz.

Who, with any degree of sanity, cheats on Sandra Bullock?

What more did Jesse James want? All Sandy is, is gorgeous, smart, funny, talented, and by all accounts, a good wife.

Dirty rotten scoundrel, indeed!

Bullock and James in happier times, not that you could tell by the look on Jesse's face

Whenever something like this happens, it only serves to underline the feats of those in Hollywood who've managed to stay hitched for decades.

Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman. Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller. Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin. To name a few.

But there are ONLY a few.

Is the divorce rate higher among celebrity couples versus Mr. and Mrs. Jane Doe?

I don't have hard figures, but I imagine the answer is yes. When the question is, is infidelity higher, the answer is a resounding yes.

Leading separate lives doesn't help; when Bullock is off making movies---and she's made a lot of them lately---James isn't always with her, of course. The cat is away a lot in Hollywood, and the town is filled with horny little mice.

The only saving grace is that the cheatee finds great sympathy in the court of public opinion. At least there's that. Bullock was already a fan favorite; that will only be more so as more details emerge about James and what he did to her.

The humiliation of being cheated on is bad enough when just the victim knows about it. Imagine how it is when the whole world is in on it.

Tiger Woods cheats on his model wife Elin Nordregen. Jesse James cheats on adorable, talented Sandra Bullock. Michael Douglas cheated on beautiful Anne Archer in "Fatal Attraction."

Yeah, I know the last one is fictitious, but the line gets blurred a lot when it comes to behavior in Hollywood.

Jesse James didn't have enough by having Sandra Bullock.

Talk about being hard to please.


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