Mommy Dirtiest

If you saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, apparently that's not the worst of it---hardly.

As Christine Durst puts it, bad economy makes for some strange bedfellows.


Durst is the CEO of StaffCentrix, one of the actually legitimate firms that hires out work for stay-at-home types.

She says these tough times have seen an uptick in stay-at-home moms working as phone sex operators.

"Some of them are kind of apologetic, and even sheepish," Durst told CNN of the moms she's spoken to for a book she wrote. "They say that they normally would never consider doing this sort of thing."

But, Durst says, not all moms are ashamed or embarrassed.

"Some of them actually enjoy it."

Durst says a phone sex mommy will drop off her kids at school, tease and titillate men for a few hours during the day, and then pick up the kids, who are clue-free.

As for the spouses of these tart-tongued mothers, Durst says for the most part, they're understanding.

"A majority of the phone sex operators who are moms have full spousal support," Durst says.

In other words, far be it from the daddies to worry about how the sausage is made---so to speak.

Durst says the phone sex mommies can pull in anywhere from $10 to $30 per hour---and some make even more than that. The work is done via voice and text, through a new phenomenon known as "sexting" --- where lurid, suggestive messages are sent via text.

The less sensationalistic term for the phone sex mommies is "phone actress," Durst says.

You can watch the video interview with Durst here.

Puts a whole new meaning into the word "nurturing," wouldn't you say?


  1. Speaking as a phone sex actress I found her report poorly researched with many misconceptions. This is not a job that you just pick up for a week or two to make some easy cash. Most PSOs do the job because they love the freedom it gives them and the opportunity to make a living on their own terms. It is also hard work requiring great imagination, savy business sense, marketing skills, etc

    There are lots of scams out there contrary to her report. However, the scams are directed towards women in the business not the phone customer. No one wants to scam a customer and turn him away from the industry, that's just bad business! And this is business.

    The report would have been more appropriate to have investigated and reported on these scams than to have given the un-researched "facts" that it did.


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