Lethal Weapon?

Who keeps recording Mel Gibson?

Or, why does Gibson keep saying things that you wouldn't want recorded?

Once again, the embattled actor Gibson is in hot water, this time for scathing words directed at Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his 8-month old daughter.

Gibson has previously been in trouble for spewing ethnic slurs, also caught on tape.

In the latest diatribe, posted by Radaronline, Gibson sounds alternately homicidal, bitter, angry, and just plum crazy.

“You’re a f*cking mentally deprived idiot,” Mel screams at one point in the phone call to Grigorieva. “You’re a f*cking using whore…I own you,” he rages. ”You don’t count.”

Gibson also refers to a worker helping Grigorieva with the baby as a "wetback."

On July 9, Radaronline released audio of Mel telling Oksana that she was dressed too provocatively and would be “raped by a pack of n*ggers.”

All this plus that famous drunken driving arrest, during which Gibson let loose with a bunch of anti-Semitic slop.

Mel Gibson: spinning out of control

But it's more than just some angry words; Radaronline says it has posted two separate clips of audio in which Gibson basically threatens to kill Grigorieva.

Gibson is currently under investigation by the L.A. County Sherriff’s Department on domestic violence charges.

Mel Gibson has done a lot for American and Australian cinema, as both an actor and as a director. He should be considered, in my mind, one of the 50 most influential people in movies since World War II.

But the guy has some major issues, clearly. This isn't something to snicker at and roll your eyes about anymore.

It's more than that, and could get really ugly if it isn't somehow checked.

Look no further than the sad case of comedian Phil Hartman to find out what can happen when "domestic disturbances" get taken to the next level.

We don't want Grigorieva to be the next Hartman. In a way, the Internet age can be a good thing. It raises more people's antennas. That may not have been enough to save Hartman, who was murdered in 1998 by his drug-using wife, long before the Web became the behemoth of information and gossip that it is today.

But maybe the more eyeballs and ears looking out for the Hartmans, maybe the less chance of something violent occurring. Who knows.

What isn't uncertain is this: Mel Gibson has issues. He has shown no hesitation to hurl sinister threats, slurs, and hate. He's bragged that he's capable of violent acts.

Just because it's on a gossip website doesn't mean it's funny.


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