The Neophyte Nerd

I hope Rick Snyder is a good governor.

I hope he can take the chicken feathers he in inheriting and turn them into chicken salad. It would be nice if he's also capable of turning water into wine and spinning straw into gold.

I hope Snyder, elected last week to be Michigan's new governor, won't be derailed and stonewalled by his lack of political experience, despite his party having strong majorities in the State House and Senate. I hope his belief that a state should be run like it's a business is more than just ideology and is actually full of substance.

I hope he can create jobs, weaning the state from its automotive mama and bringing it into the late-20th century, much less the 21st.

I hope he can broker deals that benefit the state's economy. I hope he keeps the tax incentives in place for the Hollywood folks.

Rick Snyder, Governor-elect

I hope he runs a tight ship and is fiercely protective of Michigan's workers and is sensitive to the social needs of those who are unemployed.

I hope he can use the GOP's new majority in the U.S. House to Michigan's benefit.

I hope he can keep tourism humming along and the DNR happy and I hope he doesn't neglect Detroit, because like it or not, a healthy Detroit is crucial to the health of Michigan.

I hope he can do all this quickly, because he has, at most, eight years to get it all done---and that's presuming he wins re-election. If not, I hope he gets a lot done in four.

I hope Rick Snyder is a good governor, because we just elected a political neophyte who doesn't know the first thing about governing.

I hope on-the-job training serves him, and us by extension, well.

I'm not a Republican, and I didn't vote for him, but I hope Rick Snyder is a good governor.

I do.


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