Take THAT! (but none of mine)

Good for Elizabeth Edwards. Better for her children.

It was reported by CNN this morning that Edwards, who died on December 7, 2010 from complications due to cancer, left her estranged, philandering husband, former Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards, out of her will.

Completely out.

CNN said that Elizabeth Edwards, in a will dated December 1, wrote, "All of my furniture, furnishings, household goods, jewelry, china, silverware and personal effects and any automobiles ... to be divided among them ...," meaning her three remaining children---Catharine, Emma and John. Another son, Wade, died in a car crash in 1996.

The will names 28-year-old Catharine as the executor.

Elizabeth Edwards was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after her husband's failed bid for the vice presidency in November 2004.

John Edwards eventually admitted to an affair with former campaign videographer Rielle Hunter, which took place, he said, in 2006 when his wife's cancer was in remission---as if that makes a difference.

John Edwards would also later admit to fathering a child with Hunter---an allegation he initially denied even after conceding the affair.

Edwards pulled out of the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate race when it was evident the choice was going to boil down to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Edwards, had he stayed in the race and captured the nomination, would have done untold damage to the party once news of the affair leaked, which it certainly would have.

So, from the grave, Elizabeth gets the final, parting shot by leaving nothing to her straying hubby. If there's anything worse than having an extramarital affair, it's having it when a spouse is battling serious health problems.

Elizabeth Edwards, of course, came out of the whole mess with a much more positive image than John; she said the incident helped her focus on resuming her role as an advocate for the poor and for health care reform. She also said it pushed her to refocus on her role as a mother.

In other words, John's hurtful act only made Elizabeth Edwards a stronger woman.

That strength, it turns out, culminated in her final days as she constructed a most just will, her final "gotcha."

Not that she didn't have class beforehand.

Asked about John last September, she said, "I see the father of my children, and that's very important to me. Particularly since I have a terminal disease, this is the person who at some point will take over the primary parenting, and it's important to me that he heal, if he needs to."

He just won't be doing it with any of her stuff.

Good for her.


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