Leo "Bombs" at Oscars

How stupid does Melissa Leo think we are?

Here's a trained professional actress, used to working in front of audiences, and she'd have us believe that, a) she didn't know that the Academy Awards was an inappropriate venue to use the F-word; or b) she simply couldn't control her mouth enough to let that word spew forward on worldwide television?

Leo is the actress whose performance in "The Fighter" earned her the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. During her acceptance speech Sunday night, she said, ""Yeah I am kind of speechless. When I watched Kate [Winslet] two years ago, it looked so [expletive] easy!"

The epithet was followed by Leo's wide eyes, her hand over her mouth, and she did her best to look genuinely mortified that she had just said that.


For years, Oscar has been used as a platform for everything from political causes to industry bashing. Why, even a streaker once infamously graced the stage, in 1974.

"I wonder if that man realizes that he's revealing all his shortcomings," David Niven so coolly said after the naked man ran across the stage.

There was Marlon Brando sending what was purported to be a Native American woman to formally decline his Oscar for "The Godfather," protesting Hollywood's treatment of said folk in movies.

There was George C. Scott, who didn't bother to show up, choosing instead to watch a hockey game at home, in protest despite winning Best Actor for "Patton." He sent the award back, claiming he didn't want to be in competition with his fellow actors.

And now here's Leo, who dropped the first F-bomb in Oscars history.

For some reason, I just can't buy that Leo didn't know exactly what she was doing when she let it fly. I don't really know what her motive was, other than to perhaps gain what she has right now---15 minutes of infame.

Maybe she just wanted the thrill of saying F*** on live TV. Who knows.

But she certainly should have known better. I can't imagine being on such a stage, in front of millions of people watching on TV, and not being cognizant enough to censor myself.

She did it for shock value, let's face it.

Leo told CNN backstage that she "really didn't mean to offend anyone" with her slip of the tongue and apologized to anyone who might have been.

That doesn't exactly sound like someone who is sincere in their remorse.

What about, "I can't believe I said that!! Oh my goodness!! I'm so sorry!"?

Instead, Leo's other comments afterward suggested that she knew what she was saying, but she didn't feel like that word was all that bad, especially nowadays.

Leo: "Oops!" (yeah, right)

Naturally, Leo's "slip" was all the talk in the afterglow of the production. It just about overshadowed the other 99% of the show.

I'm sure she was real sad over that.

Now, to be fair, I believe that Leo was genuinely surprised and shocked when her name was called. You can just tell the disbelief on someone's face, when a nominee who didn't think they'd win, wins.

So I think Melissa Leo found herself on stage when she least expected it. But you can't tell me that she didn't know better than to use such language during her time of triumph.

No f***ing way.


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