Ohio's Gloating Fool

What happened to being a gracious winner? What of the civil courtesy between states, when it comes to our elected officials?

John Kasich must have been that kid who whooped and hollered whenever he won anything, from Chutes and Ladders to a game of H-O-R-S-E on the driveway.

Kasich, a Republican, is the governor of Ohio, but he also has been a political commentator on Fox News, hosting a show on the network for some six years (2001-07).

He's a neighbor of ours in Michigan, but he's the kind that you hope to avoid, going from your car to your house. If he's mowing his lawn, you wait until he's done before you mow yours.

Kasich has taken the low road when it comes to landing goodies for his state, specifically when it comes to being the lucky recipient of Michigan's apparent move away from its film tax incentives, thanks to new Governor Rick Snyder's seige on them.

Kasich's state snapped up "The Avengers," which was initially scheduled to be filmed in Michigan. But because of the pending change to Michigan's incentives, i.e. it won't be nearly as attractive for movie producers to do work in the state, the makers of "The Avengers" decided to knock on Ohio's door.

Sure, you can film here, Kasich said.

That's all well and good. I can hardly blame Ohio for gobbling up Michigan's mistake.

What I don't care for is Kasich's gloating about it.

"We won another one from Michigan," Kasich crowed recently.

First, I don't know what "another one" means, unless he's talking about the now one-sided U-M/OSU football rivalry.

The gloating Ohio Gov. John Kasich

Kasich wasn't done being a poor winner.

"Michigan dropped the ball," he added.

Geez, John---you forgot to add, "Naa naa ne naa nyah"!

It's unseemly for a governor to publicly rub salt into the wounds of another state, especially a neighboring one. Kasich could have been very happy for Ohio without making Michigan's film enthusiasts---and job-seekers feel worse than they already do.

Kasich could have spoken about being grateful for the opportunity that presented itself. He didn't have to call attention to why that opportunity became available in the first place. And he certainly didn't have to do it in the manner that he did.

If I'm Snyder, I'm putting Kasich's gloating remarks in a special place in my brain, for future reference.

Time was that there was some decorum, especially among elected officials. You took the high road and even avoided mentioning others by name, if you could help it.

Kasich went out of his way to urinate on Michigan, like a juvenile.

That's OK, John. We'll remember that.


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