Que Sarah, Sarah

So Sarah Palin says she has the "fire in my belly" to make a run for president in 2012.

That's funny, because I also get a sensation in my belly at the thought of Palin as president, though I somehow doubt it's the same as hers.

Actually, bring it, Sarah; a Palin campaign would be a carnival like few we've seen in recent presidential election years.

How fun it would be to hear what she says next. There'd be thrills and chills and spills. You wouldn't be able to look away, while the "Palin for President" show tours the country, the star speaking to us from the back of its caboose.

At least a snake oil salesman has snake oil to cure whatever ails you. Palin is all talk and no solutions. Her snake oil seems to be nothing more than placebo.

She says she wants to "preserve what is good for America."

If that doesn't sound like the usual "I'm more American than you" blather that the folks on the right incessantly spout, then I don't know what does.

Sarah Palin is an attractive woman, no question. She would not only be our first female president, but also the first real eye-grabber since John Kennedy. President Obama isn't a dog, either, but Palin's looks are sizzling. My opinion.

But sooner or later, you see, you have to stand for something when you run for president. And this is where Sarah falls woefully short of the smell test.

It's oh-so-easy to rail against folks, but sooner or later you have to offer up what you would do in their stead.

Palin, to me, only stands against things. Yes, she makes cornpone sound bites like the one I cited above. But tell me, what does Sarah Palin truly stand for? Better yet, what is her vision? What is her foreign policy agenda? What does she want to accomplish in her First 100 Days?

Where does she want to take the country? What's her plan for Medicare? For Social Security? For handling North Korea? How would she continue to stimulate a sluggish economy? How would she create jobs? What are her views on energy? What plans does she have for fixing our education system?

To name a few.

Come on in, Sarah! The water's fine!

We don't really know her views on any of the above; certainly, we haven't heard her game plans for any of them.

Sarah Palin's supporters, I believe, like the idea of Sarah Palin. They look at her as the anti-Obama, which is true.

But cut a little deeper---say, one layer will do it---and they'll find that Palin has no substance. Not to mention she's an intellectual lightweight that we haven't seen the likes of since Dan Quayle---or maybe George W. Bush.

Regardless, Palin is eye candy and little more. We can all blame John McCain for this, by the way. Had he not made the inexplicable decision to pluck her as his VP candidate in 2008, Palin would still be harmlessly roving Alaska.

And as for this "fire in her belly"?

"It's a matter for me for some practical, pragmatic decisions that have to be made," Palin said on FOX News last week.

What's the over/under as to whether she even knows what "pragmatic" means?

I'm not suggesting that Sarah Palin is a dumb blonde.

Last I checked, she's brunette.


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