Thad Guy McCotter!

Imagine, a kid from Livonia, my hometown, growing up to be president!

No, not talking about me. My political aspirations don't even extend to school board.

I'm talking about Thad McCotter, the Republican House member who is, according to reports, putting together exploratory committees and other things that would-be presidential candidates do about eight months before the primaries.

McCotter plays electric guitar, quotes from Led Zeppelin lyrics, and is in his fifth two-year Congressional term. He would be the first president born after me, which should either make me feel old or wise.

McCotter plans to formally make his announcement in two weeks, according to POLITICO.

Never mind that Thad would be a virtual unknown, because if there ever was a time to enter the fray as an unknown Republican, it's now.

Clinton had his sax, and McCotter might take his licks, too

In a race where "No, not him" and "No, not HER" are the two leading GOP candidates, the Republicans, who badly need new blood at the top of their political totem pole, might be best served to prop up someone like McCotter, who's been praised a few times over at FOX, by people like conservative columnist S.E. Cupp.

McCotter has some moderate in him, and appears as a peacemaker when it comes to labor-management disputes, as opposed to staunchly in favor of one or the other.

Besides, it doesn't look like President Obama can be had; the prez is gaining momentum and as we saw in 2008, he's a marvelous campaigner.

So why not put someone like McCotter at the forefront and see what kind of support someone of his ilk can garner? Yeah, it might be like waving a white flag, but if it helps the GOP cause in 2016, when they won't be running against a sitting president, then what do they have to lose?

Besides the presidency, of course, but they may not be able to snatch that anyhow.

Thad McCotter, Livonia kid made good.

Talk about showing the rest of us up.


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