The Winner Is....US!

Now, why didn't someone think of this years ago?

Earlier this year I crabbed about the woeful mismatch of Anne Hathaway and James Franco as co-hosts of the Oscars. They had no chemistry with each other, and the two of them combined still couldn't make enough of a host to keep from being overwhelmed by Oscar's duties.

There won't be such a dilemma next year, for Eddie Murphy is riding to the rescue.

Yes, Oscar has wised up and tabbed actor/comedian Murphy to escort us through Oscar's interminable broadcast in 2012.

This should be a great pick. It's Steve Martin-esque, and I wonder why they haven't invited Steverino back, come to think of it.

Oscar's telecast needs someone to wink at the industry, not blatantly mock it. Hathaway and Franco tried too hard. Rather, they were given ridiculous material with which to work. But then again, neither of them had the chops to make it palatable.

Murphy, like Martin and Billy Crystal and Johnny Carson and Bob Hope---all great hosts of Oscars telecasts of the past---is a veteran industry insider who's had us laughing and who we've laughed at. Having a stinker or two on your resume ought not eliminate you from contention; instead, it should make you more endearing.

That was another bad thing about Hathaway and Franco (sorry to pick on them but...); they were too damn young. It was like having Justin Bieber hosting the Grammys.

Murphy, with his smart wit, light-up-the-room smile and stand-up comedy experience, has all the goods to knock it out of the park next year on Oscar Night.

Brett Ratner, who will produce the 84th Academy Awards show along with Don Mischer, called Murphy "a comedic genius, one of the greatest and most influential live performers ever."

"With his love of movies, history of crafting unforgettable characters and his iconic performances -- especially on stage -- I know he will bring excitement, spontaneity and tremendous heart to the show Don and I want to produce in February," Ratner said.

Well said. In fact, Murphy makes so much sense, it's dumbfounding that he hadn't been considered until now.

The hiring of Eddie Murphy has added appropriateness.

Who better to host Oscar's notoriously long telecast than someone who starred in a film called "48 Hours"?

GUMBY, dammit!


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