Goin' to the Coffee Shop, and....

I'm certainly not what you would call the most religious person in the world, though I do proclaim myself to be a Catholic---just not a card-carrying one.

I also don't consider myself a prude, though I like to think that I know right from wrong.

But one thing that gets stuck in my craw is the uneasiness I feel when couples get married in less-than-regal venues.

You've read and seen the stories.

Scuba enthusiasts getting married underwater, etc.

Now comes the very-21st century story of Oklahoma couple Eva McCarthy Capparello and Carmine Capparello.

The two met online in 2008 (very 21st century, as I said), and grew to know each other over cups of coffee at Starbucks (EXTREMELY 21st century).

That's fine, and cute and endearing.

Why does this kind of scene make me frown?

But they decided to tie the knot at, you guessed it, the local Starbucks.

Why does this bother me so?

I suppose it's my maybe-stuffy belief that marriage is sacrosanct and should be entered into accordingly.

Doesn't seem, to me, that marrying in a coffee shop is appropriate.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not judging this Oklahoma couple. They're in love, and frankly, that love should trump all, anyway.

And I know that not everyone believes in God or cares much about a wedding's venue.

I guess what troubles me is the notion that a couple who marries in such a wacky environment may not understand the seriousness of the act in which they are about to undergo.

How much respect can they have for a marriage that was presided over in front of bags of coffee beans and frothing machines?

But that's just me.

I wish nothing but the best for our Oklahoman, caffeine-enriched love birds. Truly.

With the divorce rate what it has been, I admit that church-based weddings haven't always panned out, either.

But the younger set already seems to have lost so much of the respect for tradition and what had been so sacred, that when I read of "stunt" weddings like the one in Oklahoma, I squirm.

Maybe I shouldn't. Maybe these two newlyweds will be married for decades, happily.

I can only hope.


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