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It won't be too much longer, I would imagine, before we find out what happened to Jane Bashara, along with the how and the why.

The Grosse Pointe marketing executive whose body was found in her vehicle miles from her home has been dominating local news since she was strangled (police say) last week.

Today, investigators shared some more of their theories.

Bashara was likely killed in her home, investigators say. And, the killer likely had an accomplice.

More details keep seeping out---like the little one about husband Bob Bashara having a girlfriend, and that he was reportedly trying to buy said girlfriend a house.

And the whispers that the Basharas' marriage was "on the rocks."

And that Bob Bashara failed a polygraph test, according to sources.

And that his account of where he was the day/night of his wife's apparent murder doesn't jibe with what police believe happened.

And that Bob Bashara's business owed more than $10,000 in back taxes.

So you can see that the likelihood of Jane Bashara being set upon by a stranger in her home, at random, then strangled and her body driven several miles away, is almost farcical.

Another wife gets bumped off.

Bob and Jane Bashara

I'm tired of men killing their wives. They ever hear of divorce? The wife gets to live and the husband gets to not spend the rest of his life in jail. Seems like a win/win to me.

Because it's not like these hubbies are out there committing the perfect murders. They almost always get caught relatively soon, sometimes before the funeral has even taken place (Jane Bashara's was today). And if not soon, they're usually caught eventually.

The Bashara case might be one of someone being hired to kill the wife. It's unclear whether Bob Bashara's alibi will hold up.

Regardless, she's dead, he's the lone "person of interest" and how much do you want to bet that the police break this wide open before the end of next week?

What's a little unusual about the Bashara case is that members of both sides of the family contend that Bob, nicknamed "Big Bob," was incapable of committing such an atrocity.

Incapable? Really?

Is anyone---and I mean anyone---truly "incapable" of taking another's life? What if an argument escalated into physical contact? Don't people "lose it" all the time and lash out physically?

Of course, no one wants to think that those close to them are capable of murder. How creepy would that be?

And I understand why no one in the Bashara family---from both sides of the aisle, if you will---wants to think that "Big Bob" could kill anyone, much less his own wife.

But no one is truly incapable of behavior of the worst kind. Some are just more capable than others, and vice-versa.

Somewhere in these facts and details that keep tumbling out lies the truth about what happened to Jane Bashara, how it happened, and why.

And, sadly, it's likely that the trail of suspicion and detection will land at "Big Bob's" doorstep.

As usual.


  1. Dude, I love you, I appreciate everything you've taught me, and I sincerely hope that somewhere down the line we get the chance to hang out again, but this indictment is so premature that it borders on irresponsible. You might be 100% correct, and granted there is a great divide between journalists and columnists, but really? Did you just write this persuasive argument and post it for the world to see? Did you just quote mysterious "sources" and statistics, rather than facts? Could be I'm not reading what you are. But is what you're reading - in regards to Bashara's girlfriend and house buying - an indisputable fact?

    David Bark

  2. David: Everything in the post is culled from the link I included to the article. I made none of it up. I also make several references to "investigators say," etc.

    But regardless, a blog is NOT a news source. It's a place for the author to spout his or her opinions, gut feelings, etc. It's also true that many times, these husbands are the ones who did it.

    Look, she's dead. That's a tragedy. If Bob Bashara is innocent, great. But she's still dead. If you read the latest, it's looking like it could be a paid hit.

    The bottom line, I guess, is what you expect from a blog: Journalism 101, or opinion?

    And thanks for calling my argument "persuasive"!!




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