The Nerdy VP?

Jerry Ford must be beaming, somewhere in the afterlife.

Ole Jerry, before he became the only Michigan-born President of the United States, was the Vice President, under Dick Nixon.

Ford is also the only president to ascend to that position without being elected. He wasn't elected VP, either, come to think of it.

Ford was the accidental president, assuming the role after first being picked by Nixon to replace the disgraced and resigned Spiro Agnew as veep, and then becoming president when Nixon himself also resigned under fire.

I say Ford must be beaming because, according to some reports out of Florida, Michigan's governor, Rick Snyder, is under consideration to be Mitt Romney's running mate in the race for president.

The possibility was raised by Tampa Bay Online, and it says, to wit: "The RNC (and to a large degree the Romney campaign) is loving Michigan, though. Detroit, Michigan's largest city, is home to GM, the once-American company. Today, GM stands for Government Motors, and Detroit is the armpit of America. Once the fourth-largest U.S. city, Detroit is now ninth, and flight from the city continues. Michigan as a whole is overly reliant upon unionized, low-skilled industries. Built on a near-century-old economic model, Michigan's economy is broken for sure.

Michigan hasn't voted for the Republican nominee for president since 1988, when George H.W. Bush faced Michael Dukakis. But there is a reason Michigan got the second-best hotel assignment: Gov. Rick Snyder. My bet is he's Romney's man for vice president."

There isn't a byline other than " staff," so it's unknown who is speaking when he (or she) said, "My bet..."

So how does Rick Snyder, VP, sound?

Recall that Snyder caused a stir last year when he suggested that he may be a "one and done" governor, i.e. not seeking re-election in 2014. He quickly backed off from that---or, at least, his press people did.

Strategically, it would seem odd to think that Romney, with his Michigan roots, would need a Michigan governor as his running mate. But then, Mitt didn't exactly blow Rick Santorum away in the state's primary.

But at second glance, a Michigan man might be good for Romney, who is still wounded from his lack of support of the Big Three---surely you remember "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt"?

Snyder, I believe, is a good but ideologically-flawed man who found himself governor of Michigan thanks to a perfect storm. He, too, in a way, is accidental.

If Romney picks Snyder to cavort with him this fall, I would be surprised. But not shocked.

Can anything be shocking these days, politically?

Just ask Jerry Ford, the accidental president. And that was 38 years ago, almost.



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