What's So "Real," Anyway?

I think the problem I have with "reality TV" is that the producers/networks and I have drastic differences of opinion as to what constitutes "reality."

To me, reality isn't following the life of a B-list celebrity who is clearly signing on for the show because he/she can't get a job in the business anymore.

To me, reality isn't watching a guy (or girl) trying to find love in a forced environment that is about as unnatural and unconducive to finding love as you can get.

To me, reality isn't the exploits of people who do very unusual things to make their bucks, i.e. the pawn shop people, the tattoo people and the storage people.


Reality, to me, is the single mom who is trying to decide whether to pay the light bill or buy food for her babies.

Reality, to me, is the caregiver of an elderly, infirm, or terminally ill family member, and all the emotions and angst that go with such an arduous task.

Reality,to me, is the challenged high school student who is trying to overcome calculus in the morning and bullies in the afternoon.

One of the latest "reality TV" entries is upon us

Reality, to me, is the unemployed father who has to look his family in the face every morning and tell them that everything is going to be OK---even if he isn't sure about that, deep down.

Reality, to me, is the rescuing of uncared for or injured domestic animals and trying to find them loving homes ahead of the needle that will put those animals down forever.

But do you think we'll ever see a series about any of it?
What is so "real" about the reality dreck that is being shoved down our throats? And it seems to be getting worse.

Look, I know there is an audience for this junk---or else the junk wouldn't be cranked out at break neck speed.

But can we please stop calling it "reality"?

The great irony is that there is very little that is "real" about any of these so-called reality shows.

These shows are like controlled lab experiments with the partipants playing the roles of the rats who run through their mazes and ring their bells.

I'm not saying don't watch, because who the hell am I?

But enough with calling this genre "reality TV."

Because there really ain't nothing real about any of it.


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