Life's Ups and Downs

Just take a pill! Just drink a shot!

If you watch TV advertising these days, it seems as if the country needs help going to sleep and waking up, and with plenty of things in between.

Like my lovely wife so astutely pointed out, "It's like this country has turned into one big Elvis Presley."

Yeah---or Michael Jackson.

Meaning, TV advertisers look at us like the late rock-and-roll and pop stars, who infamously would take gobs of pills and other meds to sleep, and gobs more to get themselves back up, and gobs more just to get through the day.

I'm uneasy as to where we're headed.

Last night it struck me. I've never professed to be a fast learner.

It was a commercial for a sleep aid that set me off. I started to think of the fancy-shmancy "sleep number" beds and other sleep aids I see advertised, which led me to think of the 5 Hour Energy spots and others similar.

The 5 Hour Energy commercials stick in my craw. They dismiss coffee as either taking too long to prepare or not "lasting long enough." Why bother with coffee, the ads say, when you can just grab a shot and down it on your way out the door?

It makes me uneasy to think that we can so casually promote ingesting things into our body to wake up and again to go to sleep.

Look, I know a lot of people need help getting to sleep. I have been the victim of insomnia on many an occasion. I also know popping pills to assist in sleep can be dangerous. I can only imagine how much more dangerous it becomes when you combine that with downing energy drinks during the day.

It all seems just so unnatural.

No, thank you

And as far as these fancy, expensive beds go, who can't sleep on a bed? A regular, good old-fashioned bed?

I can hear the bad back people right now.

Yes, I know some sleep better on firm mattresses and some sleep better on soft ones.

Fine. but do you need to spend thousands of dollars on a bed? Just buy a new mattress for a fraction of the cost.

And as far as waking up and getting through the day, try getting more sleep---naturally.

Something about swallowing a pill at night to come down and slugging a shot of God knows what in the morning to get back up, seems like a dangerous path down which to go.

Are we turning into mini versions of Elvis and the King of Pop?

That's Pop---as in popping pills.

If we are, count me among the anomalies, thank goodness.


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