Play it Again, Sam!

We have a DVR at home, as do many people nowadays, and I admit it is spoiling me rotten.

For the few of you who don't know, the DVR enables you to, among other things, record your favorite shows and store them for viewing later. You can even categorize and file them, digitally, so your TV suddenly turns into a sort of computer hard drive.

The other thing the DVR does--and this is the spoiling part---is allow you to pause, rewind and fast forward shows you are currently watching, including live sporting events. So you turn into your own replay specialist.

We are DVR reliant at home. We only have one, connected to the big screen TV in the front room. And it gets a work out. Lots of pausing, like when nature calls or my wife needs to check on laundry when she's watching something of note. The pausing can sometimes lead to fast forwarding, especially during commercials.

By the way, there's nothing better than fast forwarding through a four-minute commercial jam. Nothing!

We also like to have someone else in the house see and hear something that they missed, especially now with political season in full swing. So there's a lot of "Honey, you GOTTA see this!" and "Listen to THIS!"

Being a sports junkie, I'm constantly going back and forth with the rewind and play, reliving great moments by my Detroit sports teams, like the latest Miguel Cabrera moonshot.

But with only one DVR, that means when you're in the bedrooms or in the basement watching the telly, you don't have DVR capability. And that's rotten.

Oh, how many times lately I've been watching TV on a non-DVR set and have longed to go back and relive something, or try to catch something I missed. But I can't. The moment is gone forever (sort of).

Then I have the audacity to actually grumble that I can't go "back in time."

It gets worse.

I'm having DVR withdrawal in the car now, while listening to the radio.

Since I am nothing other than a very responsible driver who does nothing other than pay 100% attention to the road (don't look at me like that), things get said on sports talk radio that I am only half listening to, but which perks my ears up like a rabbit's.

I have found myself, lately, wanting to hit "rewind" on the radio! It's almost instinctual now, because I do it so much while watching TV.

That's a sign of someone who's gotten spoiled by the DVR.

It hasn't gotten so bad that I have had the urge to rewind people, but I'm afraid that's next.

Then again, if I had that power, I'd also want to edit what they said. And frankly, I don't have time for that. Especially during political season.


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