Hillary 2016? 2020?

Will she or won't she?

Rest assured that there will be a time when Hillary Clinton isn't so much in the public consciousness during President Obama's second term, but it's hard to imagine that time right now.

As if Hillary needed another vehicle with which to prove her moxie, reaffirm her popularity and look presidential, shes doing so right now as she handles the batting practice pitches that Republican Senators are tossing her during the Benghazi hearings.

Will she or won't she?

That's the question on everyone's lips right now---supporters and detractors. It's no longer a question of If Hillary Clinton, former First Lady, former Senator and outgoing Secretary of State, would make a good president. That query has long ago been answered (to recap: YES she would). It's now a matter of whether she chooses to pursue the world's highest office in her bid to become the United States' first female Commander-in-Chief.

The Benghazi hearings aren't hurting her stature. They're not poking holes in her mystique. They're not making anyone fear that, should she be president, we'd be led by a screaming meemie, or a shaky head of state.

It's all there for Hillary, should she toss her hat into the ring: money, popularity, opportunity, timing.

So will she or won't she?

My gut tells me that she won't. Something tells me that, once she realizes that a run for POTUS in 2016 is, essentially, also a run again in 2020, and that should she win two terms she's not looking at any retirement relaxation until January 20, 2025...well, that's just too damn long. She'd be 77 at that point. Her shoulder rubbing with the presidency will have gone on for over 30 years (save the time between now and a campaign run three years hence).

I say that's just too many years, too much stress, too little enjoyment of life.

But that's just me.

Personally, I would be quite comfortable with a female president, period---and Hillary Clinton especially.

On Capitol Hillary, the SOS is swatting away the best the GOP Senators can pelt her with, and in the process she's coming off looking smarter and more together than they are---not to mention living in this century.

The Republicans are afraid of Hillary, and as well they should. They're also light between the ears, because you have to have a screw loose if you're going to attack the most popular political figure in the US today, which Hillary Clinton is, by far. Even President Obama is looking up at her in the poll numbers.

Nothing that has transpired over the past couple of days, with Hillary outwitting her opponents, has changed the notion that she would make a fine president.

But also has nothing happened which has answered the question of will she or won't she?

I don't think she will. I hope I'm wrong.


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