Unseasonable, Insatiable

It doesn't take much to give us Spring Fever in Michigan.

It's cold and flu season, but some of us will be coming down with an incurable case of Spring Fever as the temps are expected to hit and surpass 50 degrees on Friday and Saturday. That's all it takes, you know---a day or two of 40+ degree weather to make us think of baseball, Easter and flowers.

Get ready to see folks in shorts and flip flops this weekend. I only partially exaggerate. Flip flops, maybe not, but certainly shorts. I have joked with out-of-towners who live in warm weather climates that while they may think of temps in the low-60s as being "cool" this time of year, people in Michigan would be walking around naked if the mercury touched that mark in the dead of winter.

Just a day or two, that's all we need, of unseasonable warmth and you can get a new lease on life. Your countenance changes. You become more optimistic. You wonder whether Punxsutawney Phil will need shades and a glass of iced tea when he pops his head out on February 2.

Even though we know the balminess won't last long---maybe 48 hours, tops---it doesn't matter. All things are possible. You wonder if the tulips will be popping out before MLK Day.

We starve for anything above 40 degrees right about now. The holidays are over, there's a hangover about that, and a whole winter is still ahead of us. Bone-chilling cold is certain to get us, sooner or later. So a forecast like this weekend's, when 50 degrees looks like 80, is a great elixir. The snow will melt before our eyes but we won't see it actually happening, much like how a clock or watch's minute hands move as if by magic. All of a sudden the grass will reappear.

We see these temps coming a mile away, once they appear on the 5-day forecast. There's a buzz created.

"It's going to be 50 on Friday!" we say on Monday.

"50 degrees on Friday," we say again on Wednesday, to which someone says, "55 on Saturday," as the 5-day is updated.

We say it with excitement. We say it with amazement.

It's bound to be fleeting but that's OK; we would be happy with just an hour of it, truth be told.

Yes, it's just the second week of January and no matter how warm it gets this weekend, the whole winter, just about, is staring us in the face.

We'll worry about that come Monday.


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