Oh, Miley!

Maybe behind the scenes, Miley Cyrus is getting a talking to. Maybe when nobody is looking, she is being sent to her room. Maybe her Internet use is being revoked. She has no more access to the family car, until further notice.

If only.

No one said that the transformation from bubble gum pop to grown up music is an easy one. It's like child actors who struggle in becoming mature adults.

But music means live performances. Not every song is recorded in a sterile studio. And there isn't a director, yelling "CUT!" There's no Take Two.

Too bad.

But there ARE parents. Theoretically, anyway.

Miley Cyrus seemed to have a built in defense system against the pitfalls of growing up in the music industry as a performer. Her father, Billy Ray, is in the business himself. He's seen some things. Certainly things that he'd want to keep his little girl from getting mixed up in.

But the parenting has been of the hands off variety in Miley's case, and the results haven't been pretty.

You know it's not good when, instead of using "performance," folks substitute the word "display" in describing what they saw you do on stage.

Or debacle. Or other d-words, such as disgusting, derelict, demeaning and dumb.

Miley took to the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday and if you saw it, you wanted to wash your eyes out with soap, or maybe even ammonia. The sting might have been worth it.

It's not for me, some 48 hours later, to regurgitate what Miley did in front of a disturbed (another d-word) crowd inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn that night. You all know by now what lewd and lascivious behavior she engaged in. There doesn't need to be a recapping.

Two questions come to mind. What was she thinking? And, why don't her parents seem to care about what she is thinking?

Billy Ray has been down this road before. When video surfaced of Miley doing drugs at a party a couple of years ago, Billy Ray threw up his hands and pretty much said that, hey, his daughter is over 18, so what the heck can he do?

And Miley's mother, at the VMAs, gushed about her daughter like a fangirl after witnessing Miley's rehearsal of her "act" with Robin Thicke.

"Like I look at her and go, ‘Holy crap, that’s my kid!. It’s just so impressive. Honestly. Just tune in. It will blow people’s minds. You’ll be shocked. There are a few surprises, too. She’s so cool and so awesome,” Tish Cyrus told gossipdavid.com.

And this. "I’m so proud of her, and just honestly, I’m in awe of who she’s become as a performer.”

This isn't helping.

Billy Ray spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Miley amid the VMA fallout.

"She's still my little girl and I'm still her Dad regardless how this circus we call show business plays out. I love her unconditionally and that will never change."

Of course he still loves her. But how about showing it a little more?

You can start, Billy Ray, by yanking Miley aside and knocking some sense into that girl. And no, I don't mean physically.

If your "little girl" was caught using drugs on video, would you shrug it off, because she's 18 and so what the hell can you do?

Wouldn't you counsel her about fame and how fleeting and fickle it can be? Especially when you yourself became suddenly famous as a sort of one-hit wonder?

As for Tish Cyrus, she's acting more like the president of Miley's fan club than her mother.

It's the classic syndrome. Big star has his/her inner circle, but the inner circle never challenges or says no to the star. Instead, they show their "love" and adoration to a fault. They mistake insulation for nurturing.

Michael Jackson, anyone?

So it is apparent that Miley Cyrus will be allowed to do whatever she damn well pleases. Neither of her parents seems to mind. In the here today, gone tomorrow world of show business, the worst people to have blinders on if you're fresh out of adolescence are your folks---especially when they should know better.

Miley Cyrus's mom and dad aren't a homemaker and an auto worker from Ohio. They know all about the bright lights and big city.

Too bad neither of them are imparting any wisdom.


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