The Smell of Teen Spirit

It's all a big joke to Justin Bieber.

Dangerous drag racing, drugs, alcohol, resisting arrest? Pfft!

The mug shot says it all.

Bieber, another young entertainer sliding down the slippery slope of hubris and spoilage, was arrested early Thursday in Miami.

With the aiding and abetting of his own father and mother---TMZ reported that Jeremy Bieber, 38, helped block off traffic for the drag race and may have supplied the alcohol, and that prescription drugs Justin Bieber allegedly used came from his mother---the odds are even longer that the youngest Bieber will get his act together anytime soon.

In the mug shot after Thursday's booking, Justin Bieber looks like he doesn't have a care in the world---giddy, almost.

It's hard to blame him for thinking that way.

He's 19, making loads of dough, has the usual protective inner circle that stars often have, and has parents who are his pals rather than his mom and dad.

He's indestructible, right?

The charges are serious, however.

Suspicion of a DUI cocktail of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs. An F-bomb laced rant. Resisting arrest without violence and driving on an expired license, all while he was allegedly drag racing.

Laugh it up, kid.

WHY do so many teen stars have parents who seem to want to join in on the fun rather than police it?

Bieber, like Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes and many, many others preceding him, has now hit that age where he's no longer cuddly but is still not a full-fledged adult. These are the years that separate the well-adjusted from the bozos.

So far, Bieber isn't handling it well and is heading toward bozo status. But let's look at the parents' role.

We're not talking about looking the other way, here. Bieber's dad was an accomplice, if reports about the arrest in Miami on Thursday are accurate.

It's not clear if the mother's prescription drugs were allegedly obtained by Justin with or without her knowledge.

It's all funny now for Justin Bieber. It's all a big joke. Life is still good. There's still the money, the adoring girls, the hot cars and the protective shell of an inner circle which is all too eager to please the kid.

For now.


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