From Lion to Lamb? WHEN?

It's been a long winter, yet it's already mid-March.

Such a dichotomy.

It's been a winter that most of us would like to forget in Michigan, but it will likely be among the most memorable.

And the calendar keeps flipping. It didn't always feel that way.

Back in mid-January, which both feels like an eon ago and like yesterday, with Arctic temps and snow slamming us alternately, there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Depression began to set in at the thought of a bad winter merely getting started.

As the pounding continued, with precious few moments of respite, as January turned to February, you felt like a hamster on a wheel---running but getting nowhere. The only objective at that point was survival. Just getting through it.

Then, just like that, it's mid-March. Baseball season is just around the corner, which ought to provide hope and a feeling of spring's renewal.

But it's hard to feel that with temps in the 20s and the sidewalks and parking lots filled with patches of dangerous ice.

The calendar says we should be seeing robins and tulips. Instead, we see snow drifts and icicles.

The point being, no matter how harsh and punitive this winter has seemed to be, Father Time has indeed marched on, even when we thought he was going to slow to a crawl.

Remember how hopeless the winter appeared to be, when it was just after the new year and we were staring down the barrel of 10-12 more weeks of ice, snow and sleet?

Things are still kind of rough out there, but we're just two and a half weeks away from April.

March is said to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.

So of course, the big question is, when are we finally going to see that transformation take place?

On March 31, I'm going to ask my lovely wife to make lamb chops. Maybe that will help.


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